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Alikay Naturals Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask 8 Oz

Think your hair is damaged beyond repair? Think again! Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask comes to the rescue by

Alikay Naturals Cowash Me Cleansing Conditioner 8 Oz

Our award-winning Co-Wash Me is your “go-to” 2-in-1 for all hair types when short on time and need a product

Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner 8 Oz

What more can be said about our award-winning, best-selling product of its category that’s even nicknamed “Liquid Gold”? It truly

Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Curl Refresher 8 Oz

Spray, Shake and Go! Get your 2nd day curls just as defined and refreshed as the 1st with a boost