Terms & Conditions.

What happens when you confirm the order?

After the confirmation of order by customer, we start processing your order in our warehouse. In
the meantime you will receive a final invoice with shipping cost and payment information.
Once we make ready your order it is not possible to cancel the order, it must be paid on time and if
it’s getting late to pay, the extra cost will be calculated on customer account, if the customer refuse
to pay then we will be force to recover the amount by a debt collecting agency.

What happens if you want to return the order?

After you receive the order from us, it is not possible to returns the goods. As we are not accepting
due to hygienic reasons because all of the products we sell are for skin and hair and we are not
accepting back once it leaves our warehouse.
For hair and extension, the rules apply the same because once it is removed from its original
packing it cannot be taken back to resell.

What if the mistake is from our side?

If you receive a damaged product, which can happen during transport or something not delivered at
all then we will be responsible for this, we will try to resolve the issue in the best way.
For that, you need to contact our customer service.

Cancellation period in case of a sale

The legal 14 days cancellation period does not apply for the B2B customers who purchase from us.
Due to hygienic reasons, we are not obliged to accept the returns of all kinds of cosmetic